Lesley M. Mathews

Black belt Charlene (Charlie) Abbott has taught kempo Karate to hundreds of children and knows the martial arts builds self-esteem, strength and confidence. But when 13-year-old Rachel Rogers walks into her class, Charlie immediately senses she needs more than to lean kempo. The young girl is frightened of something…or someone.

Haunted by the murder of his sister at the hands of her violent husband Marc Mann will do anything to keep his niece Rachel safe. He knows the girl lives in fear of her father’s return and while he understands her desire to protect herself, he also remembers the sense of false security a couple kickboxing classes gave his sister. He doesn’t want Rachel to fall into the same dangerous trap.

From he start Charlie and Marc spar over the best way to keep Rachel safe. When Rachel’s father returns to claim what’s his, Marc follow alone to rescue his niece.

A determined Charlie won’t be left behind. But saving her young student will test Charlie’s martial art skills and endurance to the limit.